Zombie Music

Zombie Music: Zombie Musik

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Zombie Music

Title: Zombie Musik
Label: CD Baby

Dave Ghetto repping Camden, New Jersey brings forth his solo debut. Love Life? It is warm and filled with real soul while still keeping the subject matter raw and gritty much like the city that produced this witty wordsmith. The musical backdrop and features are provided by Tony Galvin, Denaun Porter (D12), 9th Wonder, Square, Cee-Lo Green, Phonte of Little Brother, Mystic, YahZarah. After releasing Dave Ghetto's group (The Nuthouse) first 12' on Bobbito Garcia's legendary hip hop label Fondle 'Em, momentum carried the trio over to Goodvibe Recordings for the release of the Deez Nutz EP which featured appearances by El the Sensi, Lawrence Arnell and more. Since Counterflow signed Dave in 2001, he has released four 12' singles and has been featured on other Counterflow projects as well.

1.1 Not a Believer
1.2 Skeletons in the Closet
1.3 Genetic Freak
1.4 Xyz's
1.5 Walk Like the Dead
1.6 Re-Animated
1.7 Zombie Hunter GX-1
1.8 Belly of the Beast
1.9 Grave Yard Shift
1.10 Cut Throats
1.11 Swine 'N' Cheddar
1.12 Don't Look Now
1.13 The Beyond
1.14 Hack and Slash
1.15 Murder, Drugs, Sex
1.16 Scream on Em
1.17 The Butcher Shop
1.18 Body Catchers
1.19 Swamp Thing
1.20 Waddup Z's
1.21 Moonlight Treachery
1.22 Get 'Em
1.23 Clikity Clak
1.24 Another Cult Classic
1.25 Cold World
1.26 K-ZMB Special Bulletin
1.27 Space Dust (Outro)

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