Zoot Sims

Zoot Sims: Down Home [180 Gram Vinyl]

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Artist: Zoot Sims

Artist: Zoot Sims
Title: Down Home [180 Gram Vinyl]
Product Type: VINYL LP

Bethlehem Records legacy is a lengthy discography that freshly and ambitiously captured and preserved an era of truly amazing music including West Coast Cool Jazz, East Coast Bop, and Vocalists. For many of the artists, their first or greatest recorded work happened at Bethlehem. By trusting it's staff and artists to make their own creative decisions, to experiment, and thus to flourish, Bethlehem actively helped create and not just document a whole and diverse era of Jazz music. 1960, when this album was recorded, was one of Zoot Sims' most productive years. The performances here are recognized as being the masterpieces of Sims' middle period.

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