Zz Top: Very Baddest

Zz Top: Very Baddest
Title: Very Baddest
Label: Rhino

2014 two CD collection from the Blues-Rock trio. ZZ Top underscore their bad and nationwide bonafides with a hits collection packed with many of the biggest songs that have made 'that little ol band from Texas' among rock's most legendary groups. Over the course of more than 40 years together, their recordings have sold more than 50 million units around the world. This two-disc version doubles down on the band's music with 40 tracks that form a more detailed snapshot of the trio's stellar career. In addition to including every song heard on the single disc collection, VERY BADDEST digs deeper into early albums to uncover killer tracks. The collection also spotlights later albums like XXX (1999) and MESCALERO (2003). Appropriately, the collection closes with ZZ Top's unique take on the immortal 'As Time Goes By,' a song made famous by the 1942 movie CASABLANCA3 and a tacit commentary on the group's unparalleled longevity.

1.1 Gimme All Your Lovin'
1.2 Sharp Dressed Man
1.3 La Grange (2005 Remastered Version)
1.4 Tush
1.5 (Somebody Else Been) Shaking Your Tree
1.6 Francine
1.7 Beer Drinkers ; Hell Raisers (Remastered Version)
1.8 It's Only Love
1.9 Arrested for Driving While Blind
1.10 I Thank You
1.11 Cheap Sunglasses
1.12 Tube Snake Boogie
1.13 Pearl Necklace (Remastered LP Version)
1.14 Just Got Paid
1.15 Waitin' for the Bus
1.16 Jesus Just Left Chicago
1.17 Heard It on the X (Remastered Version)
1.18 I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide
1.19 Dust My Broom
1.20 Velcro Fly
1.21 Party on the Patio
1.22 Viva Las Vegas
1.23 Pincushion
1.24 Legs [Single Version]
1.25 Got Me Under Pressure (Remastered LP Version)
1.26 Sleeping Bag
1.27 Rough Boy
1.28 Doubleback
1.29 My Head's in Mississippi
1.30 Give It Up
1.31 Just Got Back from Baby's
1.32 Blue Jeans Blues (Remastered Version)
1.33 She's Just Killing Me
1.34 What's Up with That
1.35 Rhythmeen
1.36 Loaded
1.37 Fearless Boogie
1.38 Mescalero
1.39 Que Lastima
1.40 As Time Goes By

Zz Top: Very Baddest

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