Animal Collective Surprise Releases New 'Collage' EP Bridge To Quiet

Animal Collective have "surprise released" a new EP called Bridge to Quiet.   And their methods for creating the EP were somewhat unusual! But their achievements with this format have led them to start a bigger project in the same mode.

The band explains:

"During April and May, we took a look at some of our improvisations from 2019 and early 2020. We remixed them, collaged them, and built them into songs, finding our way to Bridge to Quiet. We hope you enjoy it! It was a fun and cathartic process, which has actually pushed us to start a new project in the same fashion."

Along with Bridge to Quiet, a lot of the band's catalog is now available on their new bandcamp page.

The band put up an explanation of their new releases and their charitable donations on Facebook:

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