Bring on the Drums with Barishi's Play-Through for 'The Longhunter'

Vermont-born Progressive Sludge Metal band Barishi recently released their new album, Old Smoke, which you can pick up on vinyl this week, and now they've launched an official drum play-through for the song "The Longhunter" from that album.

Old Smoke is hailed as an album that  is "a fulcrum for the conglomeration and combination of metal from black, progressive, doom and sludge subgenres aligned with a variety of rock musics, including classic, roots, Americana and indie."

The band's ethos on this album is all-embracing, declaring, "...there are no sonic barriers, no musical borders, everything is welcome and the result of throwing all available ingredients into a melting pot to create a powerful sum of parts."

'Old Smoke' Track-list: 
1. The Silent Circle (10:53) 
2. Blood Aurora (10:22)
3. The Longhunter (06:20) 
4. Cursus Ablaze (02:05)
5. Entombed in Gold Forever (06:35) 
6. Old Smoke (13:25)

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