Comfort, Solace, And Healing: Blessed Launches Debut Mixtape 'Music Is The Medicine'

African-Australian rocker Blessed has shared his debut mixtape Music Is The Medicine, out via his own label GODSPEED / 404HUMAN. Having released many singles and collaborations since he came onto the scene in 2016, his mixtape is his first full body of work.

Blessed has also released a video for key single “Rosalía”, one of his favorite artists and an inspiration ever since he first discovered the Spanish Pop-star. The song even includes a sample approved by the singer herself.

Blessed comments:

“I fell in love with her contemporary rendition of flamenco music. Her vocal tone both soft and powerful, feels as if she channels her ancestral roots to the point of being possessed. Hauntingly beautiful, I have never heard anything like her.”

The video and selected items from Vitaly that Blessed wears will also be available on droppTV (@dropptv), known as the "shoppable Netflix" for Hip Hop-lovers. Music Is the Medicine also features a collaboration with Ghanaian-American rapper Amaarae, with “Count On Me”.

The mixtape has a deeper meaning for Blessed, he explains:

“The concept of this project is based on the philosophy that music not only brings one entertainment, but solace, comfort and healing on a metaphysical level. Music is a universal language with no barriers, no limits but a limited understanding of what really goes on in the mind, heart and soul of the consumer. We play songs to soothe our sadness, songs to celebrate our successes and songs to motivate and push us to our furthest heights. In this mono experience we call life, music is the soundtrack. With all its variations from era to genre, from culture to taste, we as human beings all share one extremely powerful thing in common. That is the indescribable feelings and emotions that music brings.”

To celebrate the mixtape release, Blessed will be playing a special Sold Out one-off show (2 x sittings) in Sydney, his first ever stand-alone performance.

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