Get 'Back On The Horse' With Bob Gentry On Tower's Live Show

Singer/songwriter Bob Gentry joined our Tower Instagram Live show, hosted by Whitney Moore, to talk about his return to commercial music after a ten year break. Gentry was the frontman and songwriter for the Grunge-influenced band Moisture out of Detroit and after a second iteration of the band in LA, and some solo work, he decided that the music industry wasn't working out for him.

Gentry never stopped writing music, however, and after outreach from Blue Elan Records, he started recording again and the result is his Back on the Horse EP due out on October 28th. In this show, Gentry talks about his experiences living in Palm Springs, the contrasts with his past time in LA, and what songwriting has meant for him as a "therapeutic" practice in his life. He also discusses new song "20 Years To Life" and his new single "My Mistake", recorded with Jackie McLean in less than two takes, as a revival of an old song of his given new life. 

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My friend and I heard the interview with Bob Gentry and it was great. We both love his music. His words are always so meaningful and I know I’ve never heard a song of his that I didn’t just love. I really look forward to any new music that he’ll be putting out. He is one very talented singer/songwriter. His slower songs always touch me very deeply and I love ALL of his songs! 🎼 🎵 🎶 🎹

Carol LaBadie Lesmeister October 19, 2020

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