Brooklyn's Gooseberry Brings Unique Rock Energy to Tower Labs

Written by Juliana Gomez

In the late hours of October 7, 2022, Gooseberry, a three-piece band out of Brooklyn, took the stage at Mercury Lounge — cymbals were flying off the drum kit, a common occurrence at Gooseberry shows, and the crowd was loving it. “The crowd was so into it, I like to think they knocked the cymbals off,” said the lead singer. When asked about the venue, the band had great things to say about the sound and ambiance of the space. This headline show was a mere taste of what is to come from Gooseberry. 

The following week, Asa, Will, and Evin came into Tower Records’ new Brooklyn space Tower Labs to play a private show. Tower Records has been experimenting with their new space in Green Point, Brooklyn where bands can come play, hangout, and have their performances recorded. The space is filled with ambient lighting, conversation pieces, and lots of space to lounge and listen to music. Gooseberry was the first band to play there, and I was lucky enough to be one of the people watching as the music came to life. 

The name “Gooseberry” comes from the small –imagine the size of a cherry tomato – watermelon colored, sour fruit. When asked if this was common knowledge to most people, the charismatic group responded with “I guess you have to define who ‘people’ are.” This point of view gives a glimpse into the world that their music has created. Music for those who look beyond common knowledge. With singles like “The Protagonist” and “Sleep,” the band mixes elements of psychedelic rock with surf rock creating a unique sound. While listening to “Sleep,” you feel the highs and lows of the music as it starts out soft and relaxing before you’re hit with rock drums and heavy guitar. The sensation is almost as if you’re counting your breath, inhaling on the climb with the drums and guitar, then exhaling when the music softens once more. 

Watching the band play live, in such a small space, was magical—the funky bass lines, hard guitar, and booming drums filled the space with an enchanting sound. We were all captivated by the energy. Gooseberry’s manager would yell out song suggestions, and immediately the band was off! Tower Records brought in a cameraman to capture the debut of their space and give outsiders a sneak peak of what eight people got to witness on a fall afternoon in Brooklyn. At the time, they were getting ready to play a Halloween show in NoHo, but it wasn’t just your regular old stage. It was in a boxing ring. Gooseberry, dressed as Stone Cold (Evin, Drums), Randy Savage (Will, Bass), and a European Ric Flair (Asa, Lead Guitar and Vocals), performed at Work Train Fight, with a crowd of costumed music aficionados — some say even Elvis was there, or was it just a costume? Either way, the band rocked out Halloweekend in style. 

Next up for Gooseberry is a tour starting in January of 2023, and they’ve also been tracking new songs. The band has been putting in time at their Greenpoint studio to have these projects at their best— talks on a new record are also in the works. With upcoming events from the band, make sure to follow them on social media and check out video clips from their Tower Labs performance.

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