Crowbar: Odd Fellows Rest

Crowbar: Odd Fellows Rest
Title: Odd Fellows Rest
Label: Spitfire

When one thinks of heavy, thick and driving music, one's thoughts inevitably turns to the heavy-weights of active music, Crowbar. Formed years ago on the bayous of New Orleans, this imposing quartet have managed to create worldwide acclaim through powerful releases and equally massive amounts of touring, not to mention feature video clips on cult-followed programs as Beavis & Butthead. Track list includes: "Planet's Collide," "... And Suffer AS One," "1000 Year Internal War," "To Carry the Load," "December's Spawn," "It's All in the Gravity," "Behind the Black Horizon," "New Man Born," "Scattered Pieces Lay," "Odd Fellows Rest," "On Frozen Ground"

1.1 Intro
1.2 Planets Collide
1.3 ... And Suffer As One
1.4 1,000 Year Internal War
1.5 To Carry the Load
1.6 December's Spawn
1.7 It's All in the Gravity
1.8 Behind the Black Horizon
1.9 New Man Born
1.10 Scattered Pieces Lay
1.11 Odd Fellows Rest
1.12 On Frozen Ground
1.13 Remember Tomorrow (Bonus Track)

Crowbar: Odd Fellows Rest

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