Jerry Joseph Takes Us Inside 'The Beautiful Madness' On Tower's Live Show

Songwriter and musician Jerry Joseph has a new album out, The Beautiful Madness, and he joined our Tower Instagram Live show, hosted by Dani Pinkus, to fill us in on how this particular brand of "madness" came about. He joined us from Portland, Oregon, where he's been dealing with protests, police violence, and extreme forest fires, but still managed to capture a beautiful autumn afternoon in a tour around his yard.

We get some commentary on "Days of Heaven" as well as "Sugar Smacks" and Joseph's close collaboration with longtime friend Patterson Hood on the curation and recording of the album. You can check out the video release for "Sugar Smacks" with the Drive-By Truckers, drawn from a live performance early in 2020 and featuring footage from Joseph's charitable visits to the Middle East below:

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