Make Music Whatever Happens: Extradition Order Drop Their Lockdown EP In September

Extradition Order’s You’re On Mute: A Lockdown EP will be out in September as a co-release Gare Du Nord, and Jezus Factory in digital and cassette formats.

Our friend Alastair Harper clued us in on what was coming down the pipeline when he appeared on our Tower Instagram Live show a few weeks ago. It's been a strange journey for the band, who also released a studio album during this quarantine period, American Prometheus.

In January 2020, Extradition Order sold out the Lexington to launch their album American Prometheus. They had plans for more shows, a tour, a bunch of singles to promote through the year before they got down to recording their next album about food writer MFK Fisher. Instead, they couldn't see each other or play together. 

They say:

"This EP is a diary of what the fuck just happened to us all. Written chronologically over weeks locked down, it gives the authentic feeling of those different moments the whole world experienced together, apart – the somehow tentative optimism at the start of the world shutting down together to flatten the curve, the uncertainty and paranoia for a disease that came from nowhere and made us all fear we couldn’t smell or taste, the inappropriate pleasure sometimes felt of not having to be in the world anymore and not wanting to go back, and then the frustration and anger at seeing who the rules applied to, who they didn’t, and the demand made that what happens next isn’t the same as what was before."

None of the band members had home studios, but they did have smart phones that contained free music apps and standard issue earphone and mics, which they started to use to make music together.

They recorded ideas that they would WhatsApp to each other, doing various challenging and amazing things to piece songs together, not always without extreme frustrations. The band adds, "But at least they know they can still make music whatever happens."

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