Tower's PULSE! Debuts Yo Kinky's Single & Video 'Someone I Used To Know'

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[Cover photo credit to Steve Peirce]

Tom Unish and Laura Wight make up new musical duo Yo Kinky. Today, Tower's PULSE! is pleased to debut their single and video, "Someone I Used To Know".

On the new track, you'll hear elements of Hip-Hop, a wall of sound approach, and imagery of urban decay: Los Angeles born, Yo Kinky makes Ridgewood, Queens their home. Unish and Wight met at the start of 2020, bonded over shared musical interests, and immediately started working on songs together. Over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, they have self-Produced and recorded their self-titled debut EP. They say: "This collection of songs addresses trust, communication, love, loneliness, freedom, identity, and expectation."

As a two-piece, they incorporate drum machines and dissonant keyboards with guitars. Recorded and mixed by Unish, Wight handled the lyrics while Unish performed the instrumentation. With the return of live shows in the upcoming months, Yo Kinky anticipates playing local, nationwide and beyond.

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