When Is It Okay To 'Cry'? Sam Himself Joins Tower's Live Show

Swiss-born longtime Brooklyner Sam Himself joined our Tower Instagram Live show, hosted by Whitney Moore, all the way from Switzerland where he's found himself ever since lockdown restrictions made it impossible for him to return to his adopted home. 

The singer/songwriter had recently completed an EP, Slow Drugs, at that time and had started touring, with the tour cancelled after only one show in Europe. While fairly isolated in his home country, Sam Himself began working on new music, and the result will be a 2021 LP.

He's recently released the first single and video pertaining to that new album with "Cry". The story behind "Cry", he reveals, is particularly intense, though he doesn't think his story is necessarily any worse than what many people are going through in 2020. Driving home late at night from a video shoot, he received the news that borders would be shut and he could not return to Brooklyn at almost the same time that his partner broke up with him by text message. Two aspects of his life spiralled out of control at the same time, but as the song reflects, that's not enough reason to spend this vast global situation feeling sorry for oneself. Creating music definitely helped him process these events.

Other recent singles, like the title track from Slow drugs include videos shot in ingenious ways in Switzerland, taking in the beautiful landscapes of the Swiss Alps, where Sam feels that they are the real "characters" in the video and he's just an accessory.

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