AaRON Joins Tower's Live Show To Introduce Single 'Ultrareve' & New Album 'Anatomy Of Light'

French due Simon Buret and Olivier Coursier of AaRON joined our Tower Instagram Live show from Paris, hosted by Dani Pinkus, to talk about their latest single and video "Ultrareve" and also their exciting upcoming album, Anatomy of Light out on September 18th.

In their latest video, featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme, the band explores the idea of not belonging, of making mistakes, and coming to the realization that there really are no mistakes. That we are free to dance like no one is watching, like Jean-Claude Van Damme! On this episode of the show, Simon and Olivier talk about the sounds and ideas behind several of their new songs, as well as the new album as a whole. Tune in for an excellent multi-cultural chat!



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