Black Lives Matter Benefit Compilation Launches On Bandcamp Today With Over 90 Artists

A collective of over 90 artists from around the world have created a compilation of music to benefit Black Lives Matter called Talk - Action = Zero, which has launched on Bandcamp today, Friday, June 5th, a day when Bandcamp has also waived fees on this album. Bandcamp will also reduce fees on this album moving forward to maximize the money going to charity.

According to the press release for the project, it is an "album that pays tribute to the countless Black Americans who have been murdered due to police brutality."

The album features over 90 songs, including previously unreleased music from Phantogram, Jesse Malin, Jay Watts, Matthew Caws of Nada Surf, Bartees Strange, Lonemoon, Rogue Wave, and Crashing Hotels, as well as contributions from Nick Andre, Worriers, Lateef The Truth Speaker, Sulene, Superchunk, and Damon & Naomi, as well as "featured demos, vintage cuts and live recordings."

The release also explains,

"The compilation was created in reaction to the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and the countless other acts of violence against Black people that happen every day due to systemic racism, white supremacy and police brutality."

The album has been curated by Bank Robber Music and Rough Trade Publishing and put together in just a few days. All proceeds will benefit Black Visions Collective.

Emily Roman of Bank Robber Music states,

“We as a small company have always been committed to our artist community, but it would be a disservice to not recognize that the music we love and the roster of artists we represent are influenced by Black culture. The artist and the Black community are in the midst of changing times. We wanted to use our platform to amplify the two communities that allow us to do what we love every day in this industry. We are extremely grateful for all the artists we work with who quickly mobilized to be a part of this benefit compilation; We are here for our artists, and we stand with Black Lives Matter. This is the time to dive in, dig deep and take action.”

Check out expanded information about Black Visions Collective below:

All proceeds will benefit Black Visions Collective, a Black run organization based in Minnesota that aims to develop Minnesota's emerging Black leadership, heal the Black community through justice, support the local LGBTQA community, organize powerful, strategic campaigns and build movements from the ground up. Black Visions Collective also hosts talks, art exhibitions and celebrations to boost the voices of Black and LGBTQA people and build a larger sense of community in Minnesota. For more information about Black Visions Collective, visit

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