Exploring The Improv Roots Of 'Immersion' With Automatism's Hans Hjelm On Tower's Live show

The musical outfit Automatism recently released their new instrumental album Immersion channeling plenty of Rock roots in their compositions. Hans Hjelm joined us from Sweden to talk about the album with host Dani Pinkus, and also what led to their current direction.

Hjelm gives us a breakdown on how Automatism recorded Immersion in only a few days, with only a couple of songs established before recording. Their emphasis on improvisation defines this album, but is also part of a wider approach to live musical performance where they want their music to be kind of hypnotic and create an experience in the moment that isn't exactly like any other.

They've recently played a socially distanced show for a small number of guests, but even in that situation the experience was very cathartic for them and for the audience members, reminding them what live performance of music is all about, creating a significant state of mind.

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