Growing As A Person Through Music: Willa Amai Joins Tower's Live Show + Performance!

Young singer/songwriter Willa Amai joined Tower's Instagram Live show, hosted by Dani Pinkus, to talk about her recently released single and her remarkable journey into music so far.

Amai tells the story of meeting 4 Non Blondes lead singer Linda Perry, who is also a prolific songwriter, and being asked to bring her five songs to critique when she was 12 and a half years old. Amai returned and played six songs for Perry, which made Perry cry started them down their path of working together toward Amai's future as a singer/songwriter. Now 16 years old, Amai feels that she's grown as a songwriter through working with Perry, but also really values the way she's grown "as a person" through that relationship. Linda Perry also makes a brief appearance on the show!

Amai is very open about the fact that she has struggled with an anxiety disorder for most of her life thus far and that music has been her outlet and a big help in confronting these issues. She's also sure that music has helped her with low self-esteem and has brought her to a better place in valuing the contributions that she can make in this world.

This show also features Willa Amai performing four songs from her repertoire, including "Fallout", a song about self-esteem, "Twice", which is "about how easy it is to forget things that are painful", "Ocean", about falling in love for the first time while dealing with anxiety, and Amai's recent single, "Unorganized Crime".

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