How A Band Becomes More Collaborative: Dream Phases Chats & Performs On Tower's Live Show

Two members of the LA-based indie band Dream Phases joined out Tower Instagram Live show, hosted by Dani Pinkus, to talk about what they've been up to during quarantine. Hint: it involves an upcoming single and big plans for a whole new album following on from their 2019 LP, So Long, Yesterday, which was released by Nomad Eel Records.

Brandon Graham and Shane Graham, who are both bandmates and brothers, tackle the band's musical association of being "eclectic"and what that means to them. They also hint that their upcoming second album is going to be much more "collaborative" between members of the band with song ideas, since the band originally started as more of Brandon's solo project, but has since greatly expanded in scope for all of them.

But being in lockdown doesn't mean they are just writing new music, Dream Phases was just about to play a virtual show as part of the Desert Stars Festival (a show which is usually held in person) when we spoke to them!

Make sure to stay until then end when Brandon and Shane play four live songs for us, too!

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