Kendra Erika Shares The Silver Linings Behind 'Avalanche' & 'So Fly' On Tower's Live Show

Singer/songwriter Kendra Erika joined our Tower Instagram Live show, hosted by Whitney Moore, to talk about her exciting recent single releases and where all that's headed for a 2021 album release.

Kendra started livestreaming in March with "Tuesday Tunes" on her Facebook page, which enabled her to connect with fans. That's been something that has provided even more feedback than normal live performances, she feels. Once "So Fly" was released, that morphed into "So Fly Fridays" which she's continued to do, playing from her parents' house with her piano and sound system.

Spending quarantine time in her childhood home with her parents has given Kendra a sense of freedom to connect with herself in a less inhibited way. Her parents have not only been very supportive of her career, but are her cheerleaders during this time, often watching her livestreams on their phones or sitting outside and watching her performances while they are happening, she says. There have also been some "silver linings" to this time because of Kendra's ability to work on songs remotely, and she's managed to finish five songs during this time to keep momentum creatively.

Her very recent official video release for "Avalanche" features amazing visuals, including Kendra sitting at a piano made of ice, which she confesses was not at all fun for her rear or her hands! Her recent video for the "So Fly" single also came with a "behind the scenes" video release and even with a makeup tutorial video to show how her look was created for that video.

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