Second Sun Tracks A Human Being's Phases Of Political Conviction In 'The Struggle Continues'

Kampen Går Vidare (The Struggle Continues) is the third full-length album from the Stockholm-based group Second Sun who combine Folk/Prog/Hard-Rock elements in their sound. 

According to the band, the album addresses the "political convictions of an adult human being, from a blissful rebel, through phases of clarity of mind, uprising, eagerness in the spirit of change; to the hardened cynic, ridden with doubts of indifference and weariness of the world".

 Jakob Ljungberg, the founder, lead singer, and guitarist of the group comments on the making of the new album:
“We made two runs in the studio, the first one where we recorded the most part of the A-side, was in the summer of 2019. In this part of the narrative. our protagonist still has some hope for the future in most aspects. By the time we recorded the major part of the material for the B-side, where our protagonist has fallen to cynicism and is feeling sick and tired of it all; season had changed to the harsh grip of Swedish melancholy winter. It was tough work to get the right vibe for the vocals sometimes, but Robert has a keen ear for the right feeling, when it comes to what makes a good take.” 

Kampen Går Vidare was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Robert Pehrsson (Dundertåget, Death Breath and Robert Pehrsson’s Humbucker) in Studio Humbucker. The album features hand-drawn album artwork by Jonathan Hultén from Tribulation, and Thea Åslund from Ill Wicker added strings for the musical composition.

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