The Heavy Hours Talk RV Touring & Finishing Their Upcoming Album On Tower's Live Show + Performance!

All the band members of Cincinnati-based outfit The Heavy Hours joined our Tower Instagram Live show, hosted by Whitney Moore, to talk about their recent singles "Don't Walk Away", "Ache", "Desperate Days", and upcoming debut EP and debut album set for 2021! They even performed two songs for us, including "Don't Walk Away" and "Desperate Days", so make sure to stay to the end to hear both.

The song "Don't Walk Away" was co-written by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys and the band fills us in on how that partnership came about and whether there might be more collaborations in their future. They also share the experience of traveling in an RV to do an "At Your Doorstep" tour of playing at local radio stations, though they've stopped touring at the moment due to the spike in Covid cases. It turned out to be a really great idea and experience for them, getting out of their basements for a while. As a new band, it's hard enough to get your music out there, even more so during a pandemic, so the RV adventure gave them a way to do that.

Having recorded 80% of their new album before the pandemic hit, they still had a couple of songs to record during the last few months, so they waited until they had a specific time window where they felt they could all go to New York and finish the tracks and "get it done". No pressure! The Heavy Hours also have some serious history together. Some of them have known each other since high school, while the rest all came together as friends in their first year of college.

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