Yukon Blonde's Jeff Innes Bring The "Punk Rock Spirit" Of 'Vindicator' To Tower's Live Show

November 13th saw the release of Yukon Blonde's new album, Vindicator, via Dine Alone Records, which is in their own eyes quite a departure from their previous work and which they Produced themselves. Frontman Jeff Innes joined us on our Tower Instagram Live Show to talk with host Whitney Moore on the day of the album's release.

Innes called in from his music room in Vancouver, BC, surrounded by keyboards and guitars, even fitting in a drum kit, where he typically spends "hours and hours a day". Innes feels that quarantine may have affected his creative process "in a good way", knowing the only thing he has to do each day is maybe write a song. As for the new album, Innes feels that it's the best thing that Yukon Blonde has done and has appreciated the comments he's received so far, like "it's Punk Rock in spirit". That feels like the tone of the process to Innes, since the band made the album totally on their own and didn't feel very concerned about the more commercial aspects of releasing this time.

Innes is also really interested in photography and filmmaking as a second passion and has been taking part in a number of projects in and around Vancouver including documentaries and short films.

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