Lena Raine: Celeste Farewell

Lena Raine: Celeste Farewell
Title: Celeste Farewell
Label: Ship to Shore
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. "It's been an intimidating prospect, to return to the world of Celeste for one more outing. The original soundtrack releases saw so much love from thousands of people, and so it seemed like an impossible task to follow it up with something new. It was only through creating something different, and adding to the existing sound of the game, that I felt comfortable telling one more story for these characters and world. Celeste opened doors for me that I've already stepped through, and my professional life is wholly different as a result. There's no real denying that it's created change for everything that is yet to come for me, and so it only made sense that I'd conclude Celeste by changing it, too. The soundtrack to Farewell might be off-putting on first listen, and I don't know if people will like it less, as much, or more than what I wrote first. It's impossible to live up to high expectations, so I did what I always do: try to stay true to what kind of story I want to express, and what emotions that brings out. I hope that worked." - Lena Raine.

1.1 The Empty Space Above
1.2 Fear of the Unknown
1.3 Joy of Remembrance
1.4 In Stasis
1.5 Crash
1.6 Beyond the Heart
2.1 Final Defiance
2.2 Futility
2.3 Reconciliation
2.4 Farewell
2.5 The Woman and the Bird
2.6 Vovô e Vovò
2.7 wavedash.ppt

Lena Raine: Celeste Farewell

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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