16 Stitches: In the Tunnel

16 Stitches: In the Tunnel
Title: In the Tunnel
Label: CD Baby

16 Stitches is 5-piece progressive metal/rock band based out of the Marshfield, Ma. Formed in 2000, 16 Stitches has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Ozzfest's Magna Fi as well as being part of the Battle For Ozzfest 2004 in New York City. They have been featured on Pixy 103FM as well as Waaf 107.3FM's Rockpile and through their unique music and energetic stage personalities 16 Stitches has been expanding their fan base at an alarming rate ever since.

1.1 Ghostgod
1.2 Angel with a Thorn
1.3 Silent Spring
1.4 Composure
1.5 In the Tunnel
1.6 Midnight Beauty
1.7 Fire in the Sky
1.8 Edge
1.9 Billism
1.10 Burning in Hell

16 Stitches: In the Tunnel

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