9Tomorrows: Gravity in Love

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Artist: 9Tomorrows

Artist: 9Tomorrows
Title: Gravity in Love

9Tomorrows is a new band from Minneapolis formed by international songwriter, producer, and guitarist David Kellogg who has worked with various artists from Lenny Kravitz to Jamaican great Beres Hammond. 9Tomorrows features the unbelievable and newly discovered vocal talents of lead singer Dax Young and guitarist/vocalist Stephen Helvig. Stephen also produces at Kellogg's Droptone Studio in Excelsior where he has worked with artists such as Maria Isa. On bass is the ultra-talented Jai Bowie. Jai started playing music as toddler with his father Jim Bowie, who is recognized as one of the greatest banjo players of all time. Our music is entrenched in our various musical histories. David has lived part of his life in the Caribbean and has been heavily affected by reggae and world music when he wasn't spending time worshiping Led Zeppelin. Dax, being a hard-core band junky, has too many influences to list, but Jeff Buckley and Brandon Boyd from Incubus stand out and are highly reflective of his vocal tone and power. Stephen grew up listening, playing, and singing in punk, alt rock, and vocal bands. His obsessions range from Sublime to Conor Oberst. Jai has played in several successful bands from San Diego and growing up in the industry was influenced highly by his musical parents and their friends like Willie Nelson and Bella Fleck. Our music is very song oriented and although these are incredibly high standards, we strive to hold up the tradition of great Minnesota songwriters and performers like Prince and Bob Dylan.

1.1 Levity
1.2 Insane
1.3 Walk Through the Door
1.4 Karma Too
1.5 Interlude
1.6 Enough for Two
1.7 Tomorrow Today Is Yesterday
1.8 Let It Go
1.9 Still Life
1.10 Morning Light
1.11 Slip on By
1.12 Gentle and Sideways
1.13 Halfway Around the World
1.14 Reprise

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