A, M J

A, M J: J*A*M 7*1*8

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Product Type: CD
Artist: A, M J

Title: J*A*M 7*1*8
Label: CD Baby

Born and raised in Hendley Homes projects in Columbia,S.C. J*A*M, is a very talented artist with a style and image all of his own. Also, an aspiring actor, his genuine passion and conviction can be heard through his fluid and inspirational lyrics. This is the kind of music that moves you. That compels you! He breaks the sterotypical image and defies the staus quo. His relentless will and desire fuels him. Love for his family, friends and community drives him. He will never give up! Will never give in! J*A*M is a breath of fresh air that vibrantly permeates your soul. He is the epitome of hip hop. To know him, is to love him. Now feel him. And love his music. My music isn't about selling albums. It's about saving lives. That's the motivation. To effect positive change in every man, woman and child. I lace these melodic tracks with influential flows that people didn't even know that they wanted to hear.That they NEEDED to hear. Everyone lovesthis album from Christians to heathens. People have been waiting a long time for an album like this. Someone has something real to say! And something real to talk about! This album has a little bit of everything. It will make you laugh. It will make you cry. It will make you dance. It will make you think. It will make you fall in love with hip hop. It will make you fall in love with me. It will make you take an in depth look at YOU and make you wanna fall in love with youreslf! It would be remiss not to have this album. It is pertinent and damn near mandatory! Yes, i wanna help save lives, but truthfully, the first life i saved was my own. And countless times this album has resurrected me, and it's my duty and obligation to share this with the world. Don't just listen to me. Just listen to your heart.

1.1 J*A*M(Everybody Gonna Know My Name)
1.2 Stand Up
1.3 Aye What's Yo' Name
1.4 Cry Fa' Me
1.5 Yo' Body Bangin'
1.6 She Likes the Way I Rock
1.7 Nuthin' But My Timbs on
1.8 Special
1.9 Ya' Feelin' Me
1.10 I Know You See Me
1.11 Bounce Back
1.12 I Am Hip Hop

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