A Particularly Vicious Rumor

A Particularly Vicious Rumor: Apvr

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Product Type: CD

Artist: A Particularly Vicious Rumor
Title: Apvr

Kid Twist and Lady-O enjoy spending quiet evenings at home drinking gin and grapefruit juice...just the two of us... As residents of New Orleans (pre AND post Katrina), we write songs with an eye toward the rising seas. We believe the oceans are conglomerations of walrus tears and we're just swimming them...never tiring, never short of breath... The songs on 'APVR' are a reflection of 2 years of writing and arranging and dance-partying and countless friendships and jobs-gone-bad and lost fathers and illusions-stripped-bare and summertime stagnation and involuntarily liberated city-states and gaping transient spectators and love affairs that sputtered and soared and dreams, epic dreams. But mainly, our music is a collection of letters to lovers we'll probably never send...

1.1 Snail Song
1.2 Prize Fighter
1.3 Mommy's Angel
1.4 Swimming
1.5 Sabotage
1.6 Kuruku
1.7 Addendum
1.8 Everything
1.9 Brave
1.10 Undertow

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