Abdel Hazim

Abdel Hazim: Transcendent Bellydance

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Artist: Abdel Hazim

Artist: Abdel Hazim
Title: Transcendent Bellydance

Transcendent bellydance? Mmm, what does that mean? Transcendent means going beyond bellydance. So isn't that exactly what fusion bellydance or tribal fusion does? In fact it is, isn't it? Abdel Hazim's different approach to belly dancing music is once again confirmed on his sixt CD. The intriguing surnai or zurna and guitar mark the album. Two tracks are solo duduk pieces but the percussion still dominate the rest of the compositions but the album also contains soufi music (Darwish) and experimental bellyfusion. Al miftah ila qalbak (or the key to your heart) is a romantic belly dancing shifte-telli. Between Tigris and Euphrates is build upon an Iraqi rhythm. An tribal evolution into a mix with funky congolese guitar playing illustrates here the meaning of 'Transcendent bellydance'.

1.1 Zurna Dance
1.2 Transcendent Bellydance
1.3 Al Miftah Ila Qalbak
1.4 Between Tigris and Euphrates
1.5 Transcendental Beats
1.6 Darwish
1.7 Drinking Turkish Coffee
1.8 Ma'lish
1.9 Mey Arabesque

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