Ac/Dc: Stiff Upper Lip

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Ac/Dc

Artist: Ac/Dc
Title: Stiff Upper Lip

2007 remastered reissue of their 2000 thirteenth studio album. It was produced by George Young. The last reissue of their catalog Remasters series it includes a deluxe 16 page full color booklet with rare photos, classic memorabilia, original album artwork & extensive liner notes. It features the key tracks "Stiff Upper Lip", "Satellite Blues" & "Safe in New York City". The album charted to #7 in the USA.

1.1 Stiff Upper Lip
1.2 Meltdown
1.3 House of Jazz
1.4 Hold Me Back
1.5 Safe in New York City
1.6 Can't Stand Still
1.7 Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll
1.8 Satellite Blues
1.9 Damned
1.10 Come and Get It
1.11 All Screwed Up
1.12 Give It Up

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