Alan Vega: Dujang Prang

Alan Vega: Dujang Prang
Title: Dujang Prang
Label: Digging Diamonds
Product Type: VINYL LP

Double LP. Limited to 1000 Numbered Copies. For the First Time Ever on Vinyl! One of Alan Vega's personal favourite album's with a beautiful orchestral vibe to it. He worked on it at Dessau Recording studio with Drew Vogelman. Vega was still using some guitar and keyboards in addition to the machines. During this time period he was also working with Ric O.

1.1 Dujang Prang
1.2 Hammered
1.3 Cheenaroka
1.4 Saturn Drive 2 (Subtalk)
1.5 Jaxson Gnome
1.6 Life Ain't Life
1.7 Flowers, Candles, Crucifixes
1.8 Big Daddy Stat's Livin' on Tron
1.9 Sacrifice
1.10 The Kiss

Alan Vega: Dujang Prang

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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