Alessandro Rusconi

Alessandro Rusconi: Sensations

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Title: Sensations
Label: CD Baby

'This cheerful acoustic music conveys playfulness and light-heartness, and carries a meditative and celebrative energy. Alessandro Rusconi, composer and talented master of santoor, sax and guitar, combines these instruments into a unique style - inspiring, elegant and cheerful. Played with astounding precision and virtuosity, yet shining with playfulness. This music, with it's inspiring harmonies and some built-in surprises and magic moments, is well distinguished from common new age sounds. Cauton: listening may severely lighten up your day.' From the first to the last note, nothing is accidental. All sounds are part of a harmonious construction that always develops in a fresh and unexpected way. Each song has a unique atmosphere and never banal. Alessandro knows how to captures your attention always in elegant and surprising way because of his long experience as entertainer. This music doesn't belong to any tradition. The way to play santoor is completely unique. 1.Rugiada Means dew. Santoor plays melody upon arpeggio of piano and rhythm of bass and tabla. Brilliant dew in soft morning light. 2.Zodiaco Means Zodiac. Tenor saxophone plays melody and improvises on the theme. Piano supports and fills with the rhythm of guitar, bass and drum. Deep emotion under star light. 3.Blissful night Santoor plays the theme and the improvisation on bright rhythm with support of trance organ, guitar, bass and darbuka. Exciting and dynamic atomosphere. 4.Eta dell' Acquario Means 'age of Acquarius'. Soprano sax sing the celebration of the change. Piano, bass and tabla make accompaniment. 5. Growing harmony Santoor plays a very rhythmical theme and improvisation with trance interlude. Electric guitar, bass and darbuka make lively rhythm. 6. Kundalini Soprano sax and electric guitar play the melody and improvisation with lifting energy. Piano, bass and tabla support. 7. Song of the new day Santoor and acoustic guitar play melody and variation. Bass, guitar and darbuka involve you in this dance. 8.Luna di Marzo Means 'moon of March' Soprano sax play the sweet poetry of this theme on piano arpeggio with support of bass and drum. 9. Mandala Simphony of santoor, guitar, soprano, alto, and tenor sax. All playing around in a circle. Exotic atomosphere leads you in spiritual space. 10.Sogni di una stella Means 'dreams of a star'. Santoor plays the main melody and variation. Piano, bass and tabla support the sweet dream, then...

1.1 Rugiada
1.2 Zodiaco
1.3 Blissful Night
1.4 Eta Dell' Acquario
1.5 Growing Harmony
1.6 Kundalini
1.7 Song of the New Day
1.8 Luna Di Marzo
1.9 Mandala
1.10 Sogni Di Una Stella

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