Alma Nova: After Hours

Almanova: After Hours
Title: After Hours
Label: CD Baby

Hello Friends! In this third recording, we are very happy, honored and excited to return once again to the music that is so close to our hearts: the beautiful and intriguing music from the Balkans! The title of this album, After Hours, reflects the idea that when we are finished rehearsing or playing our 'classical repertoire', this is the music that we constantly return to...the music we choose to play "after hours"! The music of Macedonia was really the inspiration for this CD with it's lively rhythms, hauntingly beautiful melodies and melancholy moods. Hope you enjoy our arrangements of these wonderful tunes as well as a few new original works! Hvala from Almer and Jessica!

1.1 Bosna Nova
1.2 Bitola
1.3 Kafana
1.4 Zajdi, Zajdi
1.5 Lihnida
1.6 Jovano, Jovanke
1.7 Love
1.8 After Hours
1.9 Massimo Dancing
1.10 Ikindija
1.11 Rain

Alma Nova: After Hours

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