Amadito Vald S

Amadito Vald S: Bajando Gervasio

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Amadito Vald S

Title: Bajando Gervasio
Label: CD Baby

Cuban popular music flows in the veins of Amadito Valdés (nominated to 2003 Grammy), who could find in his own father-of the same name-and Walfredo de los Reyes, two undeniable masters. Beginning with 1997 he takes part of what to date is known as the project "Buena Vista Social Club" - and the same named record, that merits the Grammy Award (1998)-, also plays in the Afro Cuban All Stars orchestra and the group of the well known piano player Rubén Gonzalez. The personal recording of Amadito Valdés, "Bajando Gervasio (nominated to Grammy 2003)", is a singular record in many senses; so much that it can convince both experts and neophytes as well, that in the end, the "timbal" inaugurates the perfect melodic harmonic and rhythmic balance with the instrumental universe of the orchestra.

1.1 Celine's Groove
1.2 Gliveria 5: 00 A.M
1.3 Fiesta de Amadito
1.4 Desageer
1.5 Guaguanc los Barrios
1.6 Grandeza Nuestra
1.7 Amado Amadito
1.8 Gervasio, Bajando
1.9 Mamina
1.10 Achy's Guajira

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