Andres / Bach / Fairouz

Andres / Bach / Fairouz: Heavy Sleep

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Artist: Andres / Bach / Fairouz
Title: Heavy Sleep

1.1 Heavy Sleep
1.2 Herzlich Tut Mich Verlangen, BWV727
1.3 Prelude in B minor, BWV544
1.4 Prelude No. 24 in B minor, BWV869
1.5 Fugue No. 24 in B minor, BWV869
1.6 Fantasia
1.7 Fugue
1.8 Gottes Zeit Ist Die Allerbeste Zeit, BWV106
1.9 God, Full of Mercy
1.10 I, Who Pluck Flowers from the Hilltop
1.11 I, Who Brought Corpses from the Mountains
1.12 I, Who Use But a Tiny Portion of the Words in the Dictionary
1.13 I, Who Am Forced to Decipher Riddles

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