Antena: Toujours Du Soleil

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Antena

Title: Toujours Du Soleil
Label: LTM

LTM is proud to present Toujours du Soleil, the 2006 album from Antena - stylish French electro-bossa pioneers whose debut Camino Del Sol is now an acknowledged genre classic. Antena's groundbreaking mix of Kraftwerk, Suicide and the breezy tropicalia of the Gilberto family (Joao, Astrud and Bebel) sounds as fresh in 2006 as in 1982, when John Foxx produced their debut single, the Boy from Ipanema, and future Pet Shop Boy Neil Tennant tagged them 'electro-samba'. The label still applies, and echoes of the Antena sound can be heard in artists as diverse as Stereolab, Electralane and Thievery Corporation - indeed the latter duo co-wrote two of the thirteen songs on Toujours du Soleil.

1.1 Le Spinner
1.2 Tourjours Du Soleil
1.3 Caribbean Island
1.4 Rendez-Vous Manque
1.5 Blind Date
1.6 Horse with No Name
1.7 Issy Est D'ailleurs
1.8 Love Is to Blame
1.9 Groovy Grooving Groove
1.10 Le Ping Le Pong
1.11 Starlit Skies
1.12 Les Rois Des Voleurs
1.13 Seven Colors
1.14 Liquid Sky

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