Aor: The Best Of The Westcoast Spirit

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Aor

Title: The Best Of The Westcoast Spirit
Label: Perris Records

Frédéric Slama is well known for all his AOR / Melodic Rock albums but also for his smooth Westcoast sound that you can mostly find on his 6 first albums. So it was time to gather together a unique collection of songs in the pure Westcoast tradition in the style of Pages, Greg Guidry, Marc Jordan, Chicago or early Toto. With these cool 15 remastered tracks you will discover the best of Westcoast Music featuring the talents of Bill Champlin, Steve Lukather, David Roberts, Michael Ruff, Dane Donohue, Rick Riso, Michael Landau, Vinnie Colaiuta, Dave Boruff, Brandon Fields, Tom Saviano, James Harrah, Bruce Gaitsch, Ed Greene and so many more! Only the best and sometimes rarest tracks have been selected for this one of a kind compilation reminiscing of the 80's sound. If you close your eyes, you'll have the feeling to be in Los Angeles during the good old days of Westcoast and soft Aor music played on the radio. This CD features the best musicians & singers of the genre. Unmissable for the smooth sound collectors!

1.1 The Way of the Night
1.2 Lost in Your Eyes
1.3 In My Crystal Ball
1.4 Far Away from the Storm
1.5 Never Gonna Let Her Go
1.6 On Dangerous Ground
1.7 Teach Me How to Love You Again
1.8 Worlds Away
1.9 On a Distant Path
1.10 Don't Let Her Go
1.11 The House of Love
1.12 Only in My Dreams
1.13 So Young and Innocent
1.14 Love Has Found It's Way
1.15 Burning Rainbows

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