Apache 65

Apache 65: Kingdom of the Snake

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Artist: Apache 65

Artist: Apache 65
Title: Kingdom of the Snake

Enter the Kingdom. New Orleans is the location of Apache 65's new soundtrack of cinematic noir 'Kingdom Of The Snake'... The sequel to 2013's blood and sand epic 'La Bella Donna Di Morti.' Apache 65's sound combines spaghetti-western surf and Texas garage rock and roll. But on 'Kingdom Of The Snake', the band draws in influences like the imagery of New Orleans-based photographer Clarence John Laughlin, contemporary crime writers like James Ellroy and Jim Thompson, as well as the many various sights and sounds of the Basin City. 'Kingdom Of The Snake' tells the hallucinogenic tale of a man's first-hand descent into murder and madness. Musician Hans Frank (Glambilly/Smart Boyz) guest stars as the album's narrator... A killer with a haunted soul... lost among wet streets shimmering with crackling neon lights. The album begins with the garage soul of 'Lazy-Eyed Stranger'. Then, followed by the manic fuzz instrumental 'Three Short Steps.' As the narrator wrestles his mind for meaning, he wanders in shadows. The album keeps pace with the slow organ creep of 'Storyville', then submerges into the hypnotic blues of 'Obsidian Punch.' At the end, the ghostly voice of the narrator dissolves into the ether. Is he a ghost? Are we hearing the final words of a killer?... Or the slain? Who is the Kingdom Of The Snake? The album ends with a sonic return to South Texas with the galloping spaghetti-surf rocker 'Caballito Del Mar'. Recommended if you like: Link Wray, X, Tom Waits, Davie Allan & The Arrows, The Sadies, Brian Jonestown Massacre. Apache 65 is a quartet based in San Antonio, Texas. Founded in 2012 as a side project by members of the Saturday Night Satellites and Mosquitohead. Originally, the band was designed as a way to produce soundtracks to imaginary movies. After completing the first album 'La Bella Donna Di Morti', founding member Brian Parrish recruited an all-star band featuring luminaries of San Antonio's instrumental surf scene for Apache 65 live debut in March 2013. This early line up included members of the Saturday Night Satellites, the Sandworms, and the Phantomatics. But Apache 65 is not a 'surf' band. Nor is it band that will settle of one style of music. The band spent the sweltering Summer of 2013 tightening it's sound and stage testing the songs that make up the bulk of 'Kingdom Of The Snake'. The album's haunted noir feel was crafted by guitarist and singer Harvey McLaughlin (The Sandworms/The Hares), then inspired Parrish's dark soundscapes that weave throughout the album. 'Kingdom Of The Snake' marks the debut of vocalist Georgia Walker, and the return of veteran bassist Mike Pittman (formerly of Snowbyrd). Apache 65 draws upon it's influences of surf, soul and psychedelia... but not pidgeon-holed by any genre or sound. In many ways, 'Kingdom Of The Snake' is an album out of time. Apache 65 writes it's own musical rules, but with a reverence for real rock and roll and American music.

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Lazy-Eyed Stranger
1.3 Death in Algiers
1.4 Three Short Steps
1.5 Kingdom of the Snake, Pt. 1
1.6 Storyville
1.7 Kingdom of the Snake, Pt. 2
1.8 Obsidian Punch
1.9 The Spanish Gate
1.10 Caballito Del Mar

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