Apocryphos: Prisoner's Cinema

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Apocryphos

Title: Prisoner's Cinema
Label: Cyclic Law

After the dissolution of Psychomanteum, Apocryphos was formed by Robert C. Kozletsky to continue further down the pathways charted by his previous band. The Prisoner's Cinema is a duality in concept, exploring two separate paths that intersect throughout. The first path revolves around sensory deprivation, isolation, and the frightening yet spiritual aspects of these experiences. The second path is that of a personal nature, bearing a literal interpretation of the title "Prisoner's Cinema" where you play the prisoner locked away in the confines of your own mind. This is the troubled soundtrack to a soul starving for catharsis; a release from the chains that hold US down in this uncompromising world. The Prisoner's Cinema is graced with the signature haunting imagery of Simon Heath (Atrium Carceri) and also features a special guest collaboration by Frederic Arbour (Havan/ Visions...) on one track.

1.1 Eigengrau
1.2 Neolithic Hypnagogia
1.3 Phosphene
1.4 Subinterior Figures
1.5 The Further
1.6 Sanctuary
1.7 The Language of Isolation
1.8 To Dark Cells
1.9 Vestige

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