April Wine

April Wine: The April Wine Collection

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Artist: April Wine

Artist: April Wine
Title: The April Wine Collection

2009 four CD boxset from the veteran Canadian rockers. This set contains four CDs of digitally remastered tracks broken up into four different categories. Disc One, the Singles, features 19 tracks including all of their big hits. Disc Two, the Rock Songs, contains 17 Hard Rockin' AW classics. Disc Three, Vintage Wine, includes 16 excellent tracks that have remained fan favorites over the years. Disc Four, Live, features 15 recordings that truly capture the essence of what an April Wine show is all about. Combined, these four discs show the many sides of the band that have appealed to their generations of fans over the years. April Wine is a truly intoxicating blend of Rock smarts and excellent songwriting chops. 67 tracks.

1.1 Fast Train
1.2 You Could Have Been a Lady
1.3 Bad Side of the Moon
1.4 Drop Your Guns
1.5 Lady Run Lady Hide
1.6 I'm on Fire for You Baby
1.7 I Wouldn't Want to Lose Your Love
1.8 Tonite Is a Wonderful Time
1.9 Like a Lover Like a Song
1.10 The Whole World's Goin' Crazy
1.11 You Won't Dance with Me
1.12 Roller
1.13 Rock 'N' Roll Is a Vicious Game
1.14 Say Hello
1.15 Just Between You and Me
1.16 Sign of the Gypsy Queen
1.17 Enough Is Enough
1.18 This Could Be the Right One
1.19 Rock Myself to Sleep
1.20 Anything You Want
1.21 I Like to Rock
1.22 Before the Dawn
1.23 All Over Town
1.24 Hot on the Wheels of Love
1.25 Tonite
1.26 Future Tense
1.27 21st Century Schizoid Man
1.28 Crash ; Burn
1.29 Oowatanite
1.30 Don't Push Me Around
1.31 Get Ready for Love
1.32 Tellin' Me Lies
1.33 Blood Money
1.34 Gimme Love
1.35 Weeping Widow
1.36 Victim of Your Love
1.37 Cum Hear the Band
1.38 Slowpoke
1.39 Wings of Love
1.40 Mama Laye
1.41 Marjorie
1.42 Child's Garden
1.43 Lovin' You
1.44 It's a Pleasure to See You Again
1.45 Comin' Right Down on Top of Me
1.46 What If We Fall in Love
1.47 Tell Me Why
1.48 Doin' It Right
1.49 Sons of the Pioneers
1.50 Love Has Remembered Me
1.51 Hold on
1.52 Electric Jewels
1.53 Anything You Want (Live)
1.54 I Like to Rock (Live)
1.55 All Over Town (Live)
1.56 Just Between You and Me (Live)
1.57 Enough Is Enough (Live)
1.58 This Could Be the Right One (Live)
1.59 Sign of the Gypsy Queen (Live)
1.60 Like a Lover Like a Song (Live)
1.61 Comin' Right Down on Top of Me (Live)
1.62 Rock 'N' Roll Is a Vicious Game (Live)
1.63 Roller (Live)
1.64 Don't Push Me Around (Live)
1.65 Just Like That (Live)
1.66 You Could Have Been a Lady (Live)
1.67 It's True (Mama) (Live)

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