Aralla / Ferneyhough / Hosokawa / Murakami

Aralla / Ferneyhough / Hosokawa / Murakami: Atem Lied: Works for Flute

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Product Type: CD

Title: Atem Lied: Works for Flute
Label: Stradivarius

Keiko Murakami studied flute at the University of Shimane in Japan. After her studies she relocated to France to study at the Conservatoire de Strasbourg where she graduated with highest honors. Keiko performs across the world as a soloist and chamber musician. She particularly favors the study and performance of low flutes. For this release, she has chosen rarely performed and recorded works for bass flute. Most of these tracks are accompanied by some form of electronic track, and sound engineer Julien Rigaud does a fantastic job of adding to her artistry. "Breath, breathing gestures, and the poetry that arises from respiration have always been at the center of my preoccupations as a performer. Just as we unable to live without breathing, there would be no music without breath. The flute is an instrument with no intermediary between breath and sound: indeed, the entire sound of the instrument becomes a part of the performer's body once a very high artistic and instrumental level has been attained. But i see things the other way: my body has become an extension of the instrument. This sensation is even stronger when i play bass flute, as though i were submerged in the depths of the sound." (Keiko Murakami)

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