Artie Barsamian

Artie Barsamian: Shadows in the Casbah

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Artie Barsamian

Title: Shadows in the Casbah
Label: CD Baby

At the turn of the mid-twentieth century a dormant appreciation for Armenian music among young Americans in the country, burst forth under the influence of young Armenian-American musicians, chiel among whom was Artie Barsamian. Since that time has become ever more popular and the demand for it has forced the appreciative Barsamian group to become the most recorded Armenian band in America. Barsamian was one of the first to introduce, for the lack of a better phrase, modern Armenian music to American society, and since the late 1940's he has contributed significant innovations to that music. Artie's versatility makes it possible for his listeners to hear Latin variations of Armenian tunes, the soothing interchangeable use of clarinet and tenor sax, and Armenian music with an accomplished band.

1.1 Shadows in the Casbah (Sapastia Var)
1.2 Misirlou
1.3 Tamara
1.4 Song of the Oud
1.5 Armenian Love Song (Chinar Boyov)
1.6 Perfect Love (Yes Boojoor)
1.7 End of the Night (Jezayir)
1.8 Desire in the Night
1.9 Lament (Chiffte Telli)
1.10 Soode Soode
1.11 Magic of the Kahanoon
1.12 Kale Kale
1.13 Balkan Rock

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