Ash & Coal

Ash & Coal: Legacy

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Artist: Ash & Coal

Artist: Ash & Coal
Title: Legacy
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. 2017 release. Ash and Coal's album Legacy is a continuation of what was started with the 2013 EP Agnostica. A constant mix of the darker, heavier rock and metal genres. More focus has been placed on songwriting, vocals and arrangements this time. A pleasant mix of evocative, heavy, melancholic and a bit higher tempo. Always present sources of inspiration are Danzig, Thåström, Nick Cave, Fields of the Nephilim etc., and many bands of death, black, doom, thrash, punk, crust families. Legacy was recorded and produced by Tom van Heesch in Big Island Sound studios in Stockholm. The result is an enjoyable soundtrack to dark winter nights.

1.1 Never Learn
1.2 Tell Them Not to Be Afraid
1.3 War Is Coming
1.4 Everyone's a Misanthrope
1.5 Evil One
1.6 Rip It!
1.7 The Eating Fire
1.8 Black Waters
1.9 The Value of Sparrows
1.10 We Fall

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