Assorted Heap

Assorted Heap: The Experience Of Horror

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Artist: Assorted Heap

Artist: Assorted Heap
Title: The Experience Of Horror

Digitally remastered and expanded edition of this classic underground metal album. Assorted Heap was a cult death/thrash metal band from Aurich, a town in Lower Saxony, Germany. Their debut demo, Killing Peace, was recorded in early 1988 and received very good reviews from many underground magazines. In 1991, the band signed a deal with new extreme metal label 1MF Records (Torchure, Blood) and recorded their debut album in the Dust Music Studio. The album The Experience Of Horror was originally supposed to be just an EP/mini album. The original LP had six tracks, the CD three additional bonus tracks ('Terrorized Brains', 'Grave New World' and 'Frisia Non Cantat'). This re-issue features all nine original 1991 recordings plus the demo 1988 as bonus, including two never before released tracks from these same recording sessions. All songs are remastered by Assorted Heap guitars player Klaus Kessemeier. Special guest is S.L. Coe (ex Scanner, ex Angel Dust), backing vocals on 'Unexpiated Bloodshed'.

1.1 Unexpiated Bloodshed
1.2 Experience of Horror
1.3 Rememberance of Tomorrow
1.4 In Vain
1.5 Sold Out Souls
1.6 Trick to Your Mind
1.7 Terrorized Brains
1.8 Grave New World
1.9 Frisia Non Cantat
1.10 Intro
1.11 Killing Peace
1.12 Go to Throw Up
1.13 Assorted Heap
1.14 I Don't Care
1.15 Green Berets / Fail
1.16 Green Berets
1.17 After the Attack

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