Atlanta Rhythm Section

Atlanta Rhythm Section: Dog Days/Red Tape

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Product Type: CD

Title: Dog Days/Red Tape
Label: Bgo - Beat Goes on

Digitally re-mastered two for containing a pair of album from the Southern rockers on one CD: Dog Days (1975) and Red Tape (1976). When they released Red Tape in 1976, the Atlanta Rhythm Section were at the brink of success. They achieved it the following year, when they nearly broke into the Top Ten, but they truly found their winning sound here. The blend of Soul, Blues, Country and Rock is melodic and appealing, rivaling the Marshall Tucker Band in terms of songwriting and sound. An impressive effort from a band beginning to find it's feet. BGO. 2009.

1.1 Crazy
1.2 Boogie Smoogie
1.3 Cuban Crisis
1.4 It Just Ain't Your Moon
1.5 Dog Days
1.6 Bless My Soul
1.7 Silent
1.8 Treatment
1.9 All Night Rain
1.10 Jukin/San Antonio Rose
1.11 Mixed Emotions
1.12 Shanghied
1.13 Police! Police!
1.14 Beautiful Dreamers
1.15 Oh What a Feeling
1.16 Free Spirit
1.17 Another Mans Woman

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