Atlanta Rhythm Section

Atlanta Rhythm Section: Georgia Rhythm

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Atlanta Rhythm Section
Title: Georgia Rhythm

Atlanta Rhythm Section started out as a group of brilliant session musicians and the band eventually became massively popular. Today ARS is considered an outstandingly influential band who have grown old gracefully alongside the music, entering middle age still rocking as competently and confidently as ever, with 15 superb albums to their credit over a period of 30 years. Atlanta Rhythm Section's music has certainly earned the level 'classic rock' yet has always managed to be uniquely their own - this compilation showcases their unique solid slab of Southern states rock tinged with both country and R&B influences, crisp and melodic but often times punchy, too.

1.1 Jukin'
1.2 I'm Not Gonna Let It Bother Me Tonight
1.3 Do It or Die
1.4 Homesick
1.5 Imaginary Lover
1.6 Spooky
1.7 Doraville
1.8 So Into You
1.9 So Into You
1.10 Free Spirit
1.11 Dog Days
1.12 Champagne Jam

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