Aureole: Alunar

Aureole: Alunar
Title: Alunar
Label: Prophecy
Product Type: VINYL LP

Aureole is Markov Soroka's abstract and ambient exploration of the universe around him. Being also the mastermind behind Tchornobog and Drown, these three projects all take place within the same narrative world, with Aureole exploring the depths of space. Fuzzed out and distinctly atmospheric, 2014's "Alunar' is Aureole's debut album and drips with Cascadian black metal sounds, yet emerges from a completely different locale. "Like any genre of music, there are true gems that transcend what our perceptions of that genre are, and I think Alunar is solidly in that category. " - Metal Bandcamp "It's a living, breathing landscape of hopelessness that this album paints in it's sprawling lamentations." - Cvlt Nation. "Alunar" is now reissued by Lupus Lounge / Prophecy Productions as Digipak CD and - for the first time - on LP (black and ltd. Silver).

1.1 I: Citadel Alunar
1.2 II: The Voice of Nebular Flame
1.3 III: The Senility of the Hourglass
1.4 IV: Crusade of NGC 5128
1.5 V: Alunar, Decrepit

Aureole: Alunar

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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