Automatic Children

Automatic Children: New Is Beautiful

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Artist: Automatic Children
Title: New Is Beautiful

This is our first full length album. In 2007 we debuted with a 5-song EP, 'It's not me, It's you,' followed by a 2-song 7' in 2009. Those two songs are the first two songs of this album. All recordings were produced by Adam's former Supple bandmate Rob McCulloch in his New York City Studio. The new album is a culmination of 18 months of growth and experimentation to stretch the limits of our sound and abilities. Pianos, strings, acoustics, and electronics adorn and enhance our original 4-piece rock line-up, and more dynamic vocal harmonies are layered throughout. This new album represents our best material to date, and the first with our new drummer James Morris. We hope to make it to your town soon.

1.1 Coming Over Me
1.2 Solitude
1.3 Be Here Now
1.4 The First Time
1.5 Little Stars
1.6 Estrella
1.7 Night Before Today
1.8 Pretend Birthday
1.9 Talk to Me
1.10 Cherry Bomb

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