Willie Dryden B.

Willie Dryden B.: Wake Up Daisy

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Artist: Willie Dryden B.
Title: Wake Up Daisy

2 years in the making..'Wake up Daisy' the new CD by B.Willie Dryden features 5 piano songs(a first for B.Willie)..and new & old guitar songs..that stretch his journey even further..the 1925 A-junior mandolin bubbles in 'Daisy' the song, and the featured..'I Remember Minnie Grace..' The 'old' and the 'new' collide in childhood memories..births & deaths note a modern-day maturity. The theme should be from 'Nashville to Rugby'...the cover depicts the ancient graveyard from the 1880's historic- settlement..as the back picture glimspes the courtyard of the famous 'Newberry House' A popular Bed & Breakfast in the quiet and peaceful community...'Wake up Daisy' is yet another snap-shot of the artist doing what he chooses.. and having a good time doing it...easy to listen to..(look for 3 new releases in 2006..(ANDROMEDA-re-release)(AT THE CLICK O'MY HEELS-selective recordings 1979-1993) and 'FOLK WITH FIRE'..B. Willie at his best..***.

1.1 Outlaw Boy
1.2 Wake Up Daisy
1.3 I Remember Minnie Grace
1.4 Come Ye
1.5 Sweet William Blieu
1.6 The Beautiful
1.7 Serve the Wine
1.8 Tales of White Rock
1.9 Hills of Heaven
1.10 Rugby Town
1.11 Crystal Dreams

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