Bart Hawkins

Bart Hawkins: Vision Of Eden

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Bart Hawkins

Title: Vision Of Eden
Label: Spotted Peccary

On Vision of Eden, his second album for Spotted Peccary, Bart Hawkins once again proves himself a skilled sonic architect, building rich and prismatic landscapes with modular synthesizers. His first album 21 Pulse Eclipse was pure sonic exploration; Vision of Eden preserves that spirit while adding a narrative layer. Using not a single keyboard, Hawkins embraces the modular challenge: "to create my own unique sonic signature and shape the character of that sound to tell a story."Vision of Eden draws it's story from the book of Genesis, presenting this time-honed tale in a bold new format. Shimmering fractals of sound guide the listener from Eden's peace to the world's swirling creation to the Serpent's temptation and beyond.Though his fascination with Genesis began in childhood, Hawkins' recent move to a sixty-four acre ranch brought renewed inspiration. While sitting under the trees at his ranch, Hawkins explains, he was "inspired by the dynamical relationship between the Tree of Life and the Tree of Good and Evil and the different ways they affect human life."Here, Hawkins takes a familiar story into uncharted territory. Sometimes serene, sometimes harrowing, yet always immersive, Vision of Eden is complex and dreamlike that thrums with the energy of invention.

1.1 Garden of Grace
1.2 Orbital Eccentricity
1.3 Sidewinder
1.4 Descent Into the Forbidden Fruit
1.5 Dragonfly Speaks

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