Beach House

Beach House: Teen Dream

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Beach House

Title: Teen Dream
Label: Sub Pop

Limited deluxe CD/DVD edition including a bonus DVD containing a video for every song on the album, each by a different director.. 2010 album from the Baltimore duo. Recorded in upstate New York, in a converted church called Dreamland with producer/engineer Chris Coady (who has worked with TV on the Radio, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Blonde Redhead), Teen Dream is their third album and their Sub Pop debut. Teen Dream gives voice to a full universe of unbridled imagination, and the manifestation of the album has been a welcomed and all-consuming obsession for Beach House the past nine to 12 months.

1.1 Zebra
1.2 Silver Soul
1.3 Norway
1.4 Walk in the Park
1.5 Used to Be
1.6 Lover of Mine
1.7 Better Times
1.8 10 Miles Stereo
1.9 Real Love
1.10 Take Care
2.1 Used to Be
2.2 Better Times
2.3 Walk in the Park
2.4 Zebra
2.5 10 Mile Stereo
2.6 Silver Soul
2.7 Lover of Mine
2.8 Norway
2.9 Real Love
2.10 Take Care

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